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How To Turn On MAC Filtering With Linksys Connect?

The brand new Linksys E series router can be easily configured with Linksys Connect. Linksys Connect is software through which a user can access the settings of your Linksys router. If you have a doubt that some unauthorized devices are connected to your network and you want to restrict them from using your network, then you can easily do it by enabling MAC filtering on your network.

mac filtering linksys

Every device has a unique MAC address that helps in their identification. If you block the MAC address of a certain device, then that particular device won’t be able to connect to your network. As per theLinksys customer support, if you enable this MAC filtering on your Linksys router, then it will enhance the security of your router as well as network. Here are the details on how you can turn on MAC filtering on your Linksys router with Linksys Connect.

  • Open Linksys Connect from the Start Menu.
  • On Apple computer, go to Application Folder and then click on Linksys Connect. For any doubts, contact Linksys technical support.
  • Go to Router Settings and then click on Advanced Settings under the ‘Other Options.’
  • In the next Windows, it will show you the username and password. Copy that password and click on OK to continue.
  • In the next Windows, click on Wireless and then navigate to Wireless MAC filter.To turn on the MAC filtering, choose ‘Enable’ and then clock on ‘Permit PCs listed below from accessing the wireless network for Access Restriction.’
  • You can also select the other option if you know the MAC address of the computer or devices that you need to restrict.In the next Window, click on ‘Wireless Client’ and register your MAC address.
  • Get Linksys help and support in case you don’t know the MAC address of your system.
  • Now, you can add as many MAC addresses as number of your device by sorting it via ‘MAC address.’Save the settings.

Now, you have enabled the MAC address filtering and nobody else can access your wireless network except the devices whose MAC address has been filtered.


How To Decrease Interferences In Wireless Network?

The advantages of wireless internet connection are unlimited. A user can enjoy smooth internet in two or more devices simultaneously. However, there are various limitations that are attached with these Wi-Fi networks. One of the major cons is that the wireless signals are limited to its defined range. This leads to frequent disconnection of wireless network in your device.
However, a user might face connection issues, even if they are within the wireless range, especially after they turn on microwave oven or talk on cordless phones. This problem is caused when your wireless signals are disturbed by other signals that use 2.4 GHz radio bands. The intermingling of the signals leads to problems in your Wi-Fi connection. The interference problem can be resolved with the following tricks, as told by Router Support companies.

How To Decrease Interferences In Wireless Network
Change The Wireless Channel
Since many devices, which use 2.4 GHz radio band, interferes with your wireless signals, it is necessary to change the wireless channel number of your router. These channel numbers vary from 1-11, in order to experience error-free wireless network. It is important to set this channel number properly to avoid any wireless interference. To know which channel number will resolve your problem, contact router support.
Change the Position of the Router
Your wireless network signal strength depends a lot upon the location of your router or access point. Experts provide some useful tips in deciding the location of the router for better signals.

Always choose a centrally located position to locate your router, as this will spread proper signals evenly.Avoid any physical barriers like wall, wooden cabins, aquarium, etc. If you work on a particular room for the longest, choose that room to fix your router.Make sure that there are no reflective objects nearby as they can reflect the signals.If possible, position your access point at least 1 m away from any signals emitting device to avoid any interference.

Avoid IP Conflict By Configuring DHCP Reservations

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used to assign dynamic IP address to devices that connect with your single network. If you want to connect more than one wireless device on your network, it will need an IP address that will help it to connect to the internet wirelessly. DHCP assigns that IP address so that your devices do not face IP conflicts. It will keep a check on the IP address so that your connected devices get unique IP address every time.

Avoid IP Conflict
With DHCP, your devices get IP address automatically. Hence, the work of the network administrator is reduced. Also, it decreases the chances of no internet connection due to conflict or overlapping of similar IP address. With the help of DHCP, one can also keep the track of clients on the network. That is why, the technicians at D-Link tech support prefers DHCP configuration in your router settings.

Get DHCP Reservation For Your Devices

Another way to keep IP conflicts at bay is to configure your router for DHCP reservation. This will reserve a particular IP address to one of your devices or MAC address. It is recommended, especially if you use a particular computer or wireless device too often. To set up ‘DHCP reservation’ in your D-Link router, you can avail D-Link router help support or try these steps to configure it on your own.

Login to your D-Link web need setup page by typing (incase of Netgear Router you need to follow with to get login page) and enter the username and password. The username is admin and leave the password box blank. Click on OK to continue.Go to Setup tab and click on Network Settings.Look for ‘Add DHCP Reservation’ and click on it.Type in the name and IP address of your computer, as per your desire. Click on ‘Copy your PC MAC Address.’Save the settings to apply these settings. In case of any problem, dial D-Link helpline number for expert help.